Define search engine|How Search Engine Works

Hello Guys! Today I Explain About How Serch engine Works And What Follow Condition To Rank Our Website At Certain Position. Define Search Engine.

We do SEO to come to the top position In  Search Engines. But do you know how does Search Engines work?

Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. All are popular Search engines.

The popularity of the search engine can be estimated from the fact of data whenever some information is needed we find it by going to Google.

Define search engine How Search Engine Works

The search engine is actually an Algorithm Or software program  Which called Spiders, bots or crawlers.

It collects information about the web pages available online Database and when anyone can search Find Result, then they give us all the information related to it.

How do search engines work?

Search engines collect much information and organize it properly in Database or Server, and when asked, then the user is displayed in the form of results.

Whenever you type something in the Google search box, within a Mili second we have lots of data or results.

Define search engine How Search Engine Works

Google’s search engine is very popular today.

Google has very well designed its software or Algorithm so that best results can be delivered to users.

Search engines collect all that information in an organized Way to Provide Better result.

Search engines work in 3 steps-

  1. Crawling

  2. Indexing

  3. Retrieval

Step 1:- Crawling Our Web Page:-

He goes to a webpage and follows the link given on it Website, while doing the second, then on the third etc.

In this way Google Search Engine collecting information from all web pages.

Whenever We create a newly website, then first We can submit it to the search engines Console.

Search Engine Optimization is an important part whenever you create a new website, then submit it to search engines. And your website sitemap should also be given to search engines Know what type data In Our website.

So that Search Engine crawlers can collect information from our website in Category Way and add them to our database.

Step2:-Indexing Of Web Pages:-

After gathering the information, add this information to your database According To Category. All the collected information is analyzed and ranked.

That is, to show which of many of web pages it is showing in SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

This process Is Know As Indexing.

Every search engine has its own algorithms on which the ranking is decided in Certain Position.

If we talk about Google Search Engine, there are around 200 factors on which to Decide or analyze and After rank all web pages In Certain Position.

Step3:- Retrieval Web Page:-

In this step-3, the query of the user is understood by Search Engine and all related results are displayed.

Whenever we type something in Google’s search box, Within a seconds Related to that, any information that is available online shows us in our search results.

Let elaborate with Examples

If I type Hello Ankit in Google, the website which has come to top is titled With Hello Ankit, description and URL in the Hello Ankit.

This is because when ranking a Google search web page considers title, description, and URL as a very play important factor in SEO.

Apart from this, things that Google determines our ranking in search results.

Like – how old is our website?

What is the quality of the information given on it?

How many websites do that link to that web page? (Quality backlinks)or Those linked Websites have Good DA(Domain Authority or Page Authority).

These are all things Google Consider to provide what position of Search Engine the webpage is shown.

Conclusion  of  Define search engine How Search Engine Works

Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. All these search engines are actually Based On Algorithm or software programs, Whatever the search, the user is given information related to it, they are given very quickly.

Working of all search engines is like this – collecting information to rank it by analyzing Its Category and showing the results When the user asked for it.

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